Luxury Homes

The top 40 highest valued homes in Marietta GA are listed right here.  These are homes that are often times occupied by famous celebrities.  These executive homes are valued at over 1.25 million dollars each.  With all the extras, these are some of the most desirable homes to live in throughout the United States. You can get details about these luxury homes in Marietta by clicking on the photos of the homes below.

Million dollar estates in Marietta:

Most luxury and executive homes in Marietta Georgia are close to some of the most prestigious golf courses in the country. These homes have immaculate landscaping that was well though it, with large trees, boulders, beautiful fences. These homes have several different layers, depths and angles to them to give the look of exquisite architecture. Many of them are also old English styles homes with long circle drives, beautiful courtyards. One of the great things about these homes is the notoriety of many of them, so they will hold their value over time, making them an excellent investment. New homes can be constructed in Marietta, but they are not able to capture the classic feel that these homes have.

These executive homes are also nice for hosting guests from around the country and world. There are several bedrooms and guest chambers in these homes. Many of them have a pool, or waterfront homes which provide entertainment for family and guests. With prices ranging close to ten million or being as low as 1.25 million, you are sure to find something that is as dreamy as can be in these Marietta GA luxury homes.